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3 Secrets To Dental Gratefulness

3 Secrets To Dental Gratefulness

Nancy Duque
The month of November is marked by gratefulness. During Thanksgiving feasts, people look back and examine all that this past year provided for them. At dental offices around the country, it’s a time to look at dental care with gratefulness.   We’d like to share with you three secrets to how you can experience dental gratefulness as well.

Be grateful for the gift of your teeth

Your teeth are like simple machines in your mouth. Your teeth function in three main ways. They break down (masticate) food, they enable you to pronounce words, and they shape your face. Most adults have 32 teeth that work together, each performing their unique role. They add to the beauty and function of your mouth and physical wellbeing. 

Be grateful for dental innovation 

When looking back at what our ancestors used for dental health, you can be grateful for the dental advancements made over the centuries. The toothbrush dates back to the Tang Dynasty in China. The first bristle toothbrush made with hog bristle. William Addis of England made the first mass-produced toothbrush while he was in prison in 1780.   The handle was carved from cattle bone, and the brush portion was still made from swine bristles. It is believed that it was the Egyptians who started using paste to clean their teeth around 5000BC. The ingredients in these ancient toothpastes were likely to include powder of ox hooves and burnt eggshells combined with pumice. Later, the Greeks and Romans favored more abrasiveness, and their toothpaste included crushed bones and oyster shells. The Romans kindly added more flavoring to help with bad breath. They also added powdered charcoal and bark. The Chinese used ginseng, herbal mints and salt.

Be grateful for dental options

Today, you have many dental options available to you. If you’re dissatisfied with your teeth discoloring, there are options for teeth whitening. If you’re looking at your teeth, noticing they are not as you wish them to be, there are many options for cosmetic dentistry such as, composite fillings and porcelain veneers. Restorative dentistry is available through dental implants, dentures, and tooth decay restoration.

At Tuscany Dental, we are grateful for you.

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