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General Dentistry

Gum Disease

Gum Disease You woke up this morning and checked the scale and mirror. Everything looks and feels great, physically speaking. You chose a smoothie for breakfast filled with protein, fruits and veggies. In the evening you made the choice to go for a run because it’s good for your heart. You are careful to get plenty of sleep and stay fit and healthy so your heart can work at optimal …Read More

Jingles For Brushing

Jingles For Brushing December is a time when most Americans break from their normal routines, and take time to celebrate, reflect and enjoy the traditions cherished since childhood! How many of you attend the Nutcracker year after year? Maybe you have feasts, or bake your favorite cookies and treats. Do you play special Christmas music or carol around your neighborhood singing your favorite holiday tunes? As you break from your …Read More

3 Secrets To Dental Gratefulness

3 Secrets To Dental Gratefulness The month of November is marked by gratefulness. During Thanksgiving feasts, people look back and examine all that this past year provided for them. At dental offices around the country, it’s a time to look at dental care with gratefulness.   We’d like to share with you three secrets to how you can experience dental gratefulness as well. Be grateful for the gift of your teeth …Read More

Trends Come and Go- Stick To The Basics

Trends Come and Go- Stick To The Basics What do you think about when you hear the words like bellbottoms, poodle skirts, and wood paneled sedan cars? Most people are thankful those trends from the past are a thing of just that, the past. At the time, when these trends are ‘in’ they seem right and good and awesome. Sadly, many of them are no longer right, or good and …Read More

Dental Values Exposed By Our Daily Habits

Dental Values Exposed By Our Daily Habits A value is a person’s principle or standards of behavior determining what is important in their life.   A habit is a regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. Did you know that your daily habits expose what you value the most? How do your daily dental habits expose the value you place upon your dental health? Let’s discuss …Read More

Think It’s Okay To Skip Flossing?

Think It’s Okay To Skip Flossing? It is no surprise that flossing gets ignored, skipped and neglected more than any other dental hygiene chore. However, if people actually understood the serious consequences of not flossing, things would certainly change. Flossing should never be taken lightly, In fact, according to many U.S. dentists, flossing is the most essential element to proper oral hygiene! Brushing is certainly critical to your oral health. …Read More

Tooth Decay Sealed Away

Tooth Decay Sealed Away With adequate brushing, flossing, healthy diet and regular dental checkups, most people can dodge tooth decay. Yet, molars in the back of the mouth are particularly vulnerable to decay because of their deep grooves, or “fissures.” For this reason, dental professionals have relied on sealants since the 1970’s to put a little power in their prevention program. With sealants, tooth decay is sealed away. Sealants are …Read More