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Pediatric Dentistry

Jingles For Brushing

Jingles For Brushing December is a time when most Americans break from their normal routines, and take time to celebrate, reflect and enjoy the traditions cherished since childhood! How many of you attend the Nutcracker year after year? Maybe you have feasts, or bake your favorite cookies and treats. Do you play special Christmas music or carol around your neighborhood singing your favorite holiday tunes? As you break from your …Read More

Special Care for Little Teeth

Special Care for Little Teeth The team at Tuscany Dental Care makes it one of our top priorities to make your little one’s dental experience positive and comfortable. We know that a trip to the dentist’s office can seem scary for a child – especially if it’s their first visit. But it’s important that they come to consider taking care of their teeth as not only fun, but also important …Read More

Tooth Decay Sealed Away

Tooth Decay Sealed Away With adequate brushing, flossing, healthy diet and regular dental checkups, most people can dodge tooth decay. Yet, molars in the back of the mouth are particularly vulnerable to decay because of their deep grooves, or “fissures.” For this reason, dental professionals have relied on sealants since the 1970’s to put a little power in their prevention program. With sealants, tooth decay is sealed away. Sealants are …Read More