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Periodontal Therapy

Gum Disease

Gum Disease You woke up this morning and checked the scale and mirror. Everything looks and feels great, physically speaking. You chose a smoothie for breakfast filled with protein, fruits and veggies. In the evening you made the choice to go for a run because it’s good for your heart. You are careful to get plenty of sleep and stay fit and healthy so your heart can work at optimal …Read More

Think It’s Okay To Skip Flossing?

Think It’s Okay To Skip Flossing? It is no surprise that flossing gets ignored, skipped and neglected more than any other dental hygiene chore. However, if people actually understood the serious consequences of not flossing, things would certainly change. Flossing should never be taken lightly, In fact, according to many U.S. dentists, flossing is the most essential element to proper oral hygiene! Brushing is certainly critical to your oral health. …Read More