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Gum Disease

Gum Disease

San Antonio TX Periodontal TherapyYou woke up this morning and checked the scale and mirror. Everything looks and feels great, physically speaking. You chose a smoothie for breakfast filled with protein, fruits and veggies. In the evening you made the choice to go for a run because it’s good for your heart. You are careful to get plenty of sleep and stay fit and healthy so your heart can work at optimal capacity. Could it be that you’re ignoring one unknown part of your heart health when you ignore caring for your teeth?

Did you know that there are links between gum disease and heart disease? Data indicates that chronic gum disease may contribute to the development of heart disease. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in both men and women. Gum disease is a bacterial infection that can affect conditions outside your mouth. One theory is that gum disease can cause bacteria to enter the bloodstream where they attach to the fatty deposits in the heart blood vessels. This condition can cause blood clots and may lead to heart attacks.

At Tuscany Dental Care, we have many options available to you to help you maintain your good dental care to keep your entire physical health in tip-top shape.

ODP (Quality Dental Plans) are available as an annual reduced-fee savings plan for families and individuals. It allows members to receive quality dental services at greatly reduced prices. Unlike conventional insurance plans, with QDP there are no deductibles, no yearly maximums and no waiting periods to begin treatment. The coverage benefits begin as soon as you register. Yearly plans are $199 or $299 depending on your age and dental history.

Dental CareCredit Program is offered to you to help maintain your dental health. You can make monthly payments for dental treatment through the CareCredit program. This program is a health specific credit card that can be used at our office as well as physicians, chiropractors, veterinarians, etc.

At Tuscany Dental we care about your total physical health. We want to ensure you have all of the dental care available to you to prevent gum disease so that you can experience optimal health in every area of your physical health. Call us today to make an appointment and experience the difference we can make.

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