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Think It’s Okay To Skip Flossing?

Think It’s Okay To Skip Flossing? It is no surprise that flossing gets ignored, skipped and neglected more than any other dental hygiene chore. However, if people actually understood the serious consequences of not flossing, things would certainly change. Flossing should never be taken lightly, In fact, according to many U.S. dentists, flossing is the most essential element to proper oral hygiene! Brushing is certainly critical to your oral health. …Read More

Tooth Decay Sealed Away

Tooth Decay Sealed Away With adequate brushing, flossing, healthy diet and regular dental checkups, most people can dodge tooth decay. Yet, molars in the back of the mouth are particularly vulnerable to decay because of their deep grooves, or “fissures.” For this reason, dental professionals have relied on sealants since the 1970’s to put a little power in their prevention program. With sealants, tooth decay is sealed away. Sealants are …Read More

Living With Dentures

Living with Dentures As a tried and true restorative treatment for missing teeth, dentures benefit both your appearance and your health. When individuals lose their teeth, be it from tooth decay or trauma, facial muscles begin to sag. Yet, dentures help restore facial structure and profile, boosting self-esteem. As a removable dental appliance, dentures require the same oral care that natural teeth do. When it comes to living with dentures, …Read More