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It is never too late to straighten your smile. At Tuscany Dental Care, we offer favorable options for adult braces. We understand that time and visibility are major concerns when considering orthodontics as an adult. Therefore, we proudly offer short-term clear braces as part of our dental care services that can eliminate these drawbacks. Our smile correction treatments can fix crooked teeth in as little as six months. They use clear or tooth-colored appliances to provide a discreet solution that others won’t notice.

While straight teeth certainly boost your smile appearance, they also promote the health of your smile. Crooked, crowded or misaligned teeth can make brushing and flossing difficult and create areas in your smile that are vulnerable to decay and infection. Therefore, by straightening your teeth, we can help retain a healthier and more attractive smile for years to come.

Dr. Duque is an experienced dentist who specializing in adult cosmetic braces. We offer the following orthodontic services at our San Antonio dental practice:

To learn how easy it can be to straighten your smile or to schedule a consultation, contact Tuscany Dental Care today. We serve patients of all ages with a comprehensive menu of dental services. Our practice also offers flexible payment options and financing plans to help you afford orthodontic treatment.