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Special Care for Little Teeth

Special Care for Little Teeth

The team at Tuscany Dental Care makes it one of our top priorities to make your little one’s dental experience positive and comfortable.

We know that a trip to the dentist’s office can seem scary for a child – especially if it’s their first visit. But it’s important that they come to consider taking care of their teeth as not only fun, but also important for their overall health!

And we think these tips can help:

  • Start early. The American Dental Association recommends bringing you little one in shortly after their first baby tooth comes in, and no later than their first birthday. This helps to familiarize your child with the environment and experience of a dental office visit early on.
  • Set an example at home through play. Kids learn a lot when they play – so make “dentist” part of playtime at home. Set up a pretend dental visit, let them use their imagination as both dentist and patient, while explaining to them the real-life importance of caring for their teeth.
  • Model good mouth behavior. If you’re like most parents, your kiddos probably watch and take in everything you do. If they see you practicing good oral hygiene, they’ll be more likely to as well.
  • Bring healthy habits home after their visit. Make daily brushing and flossing an important part of your child’s waking up and bedtime routines. That can be tricky, we know. So try letting them pick out fun toothbrushes themselves. You can also sing a fun song while brushing, or set up a reward system, like gold stars or a treasure jar. Positive reinforcement makes taking care of our teeth seem like a fun activity rather than a chore.

Tuscany Dental Care looks forward to helping your child have healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime. Come get to know us and visit our office for a complimentary initial consultation today!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Nancy Duque, Tuscany Dental Care
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