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Three Reasons Why You Need Dental X-rays

Three Reasons Why You Need Dental X-rays

San Antonio TX General DentistAt Tuscany Dental Care, we recommend diagnostic x-rays as a part of new patient and recurrent exams. The high-definition, low-radiation images allow our Stone Oak dentist to screen for underlying conditions that might not be visible during a clinical exam.

Here are 3 reasons why you can’t afford to skip your dental x-rays:

Screen for Cavities when They’re Small
Don’t wait for tooth pain before you get that cavity filled. When we can find cavities in their earliest stages of development, it’s easier to keep them from spreading. The restorations needed are less-invasive and more affordable than waiting for the decay to cause pain. You could be saving yourself from a root canal!

Pinpoint Developmental Irregularities
Sometimes things don’t develop quite like we would want them to. Maybe a tooth is impacted, there’s a cyst developing, or you have an extra tooth. Diagnostic x-rays can help us to identify the irregularity before it starts to cause other problems.

Combat Gum Disease
One of the biggest side-effects of gum (periodontal) disease is bone loss. While we can measure gum attachment levels during your exam, some bone levels may be far less than we want them to be. X-rays allow us to pinpoint areas that may need a graft or special attention because of excessive tartar buildup.

Different types of x-rays show different things. At Tuscany Dental Care in San Antonio, we may recommend “bitewing” x-rays once a year, or a full mouth diagnostic film every three to five years, depending on your oral health history. Our Stone Oak office is open early, so it’s easy to work your check-up in before for school or heading to the office. Call today!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Nancy Duque, Tuscany Dental Care
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