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Trends Come and Go- Stick To The Basics

Trends Come and Go- Stick To The Basics

San Antonio TX General DentistWhat do you think about when you hear the words like bellbottoms, poodle skirts, and wood paneled sedan cars? Most people are thankful those trends from the past are a thing of just that, the past. At the time, when these trends are ‘in’ they seem right and good and awesome. Sadly, many of them are no longer right, or good and they are definitely not awesome. When it comes to your dental health, be careful not to fall prey to new dental trends that have not proven their effectiveness over the course of years.

A new trend quietly creeping into our culture is that maybe flossing is not as important as you may have been led to believe for your entire life. While this idea might be appealing to those who struggle to make flossing a daily priority, it’s not a trend you need to consider as valid. Flossing is an effective way to get into the “nooks and crannies,” which need to be kept clean. If you don’t floss, the areas between your teeth and underneath your gums begin to breed bacteria, and eventually plaque. Both of these areas love to hide and cause problems. Flossing is the way to get to those areas that your toothbrush cannot reach. Make sure to keep flossing a part of your daily habit.

“DIY” braces trend has been gaining a lot of momentum recently. Teens, who may not be able to afford traditional orthodontia, feel pressure to have perfect teeth. They are using elastics around their teeth to straighten teeth and close gaps. While this method may actually work to move your teeth, you will have problems with your gums. When the gums experience the pressure put on them by the elastics, the blood supply is cut off. This changes the shape of the gums and can cause severe inflammation and infection.

When new trends come to shore on waves of excitement, it’s tempting to get on the wave and ride it, and try it out for yourself. Remember, waves crash, and so do trends. They come and go. Be sure to always consult your dentist before you make dental care changes. At Tuscany Dental Care, we are here to listen to your dental concerns and help you achieve your optimal dental health.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Nancy Duque, Tuscany Dental Care
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